Joint Stock Company “PTS” is a recognized leading Russian manufacturer and supplier of personal protective equipment, fire-technical and rescue equipment for the fire services, rescue units, utilities and staff of industrial enterprises of departmental identity. 

One of the main activities of JSC “PTS” is the development and manufacture of breathing apparatus with compressed air BACA. Since the beginning of the first edition in 1999, the breathing apparatus of “PTS” brand, working in a variety of climates, from Kaliningrad to Chukotka, have proven their reliability and user-friendliness, ease of operation and maintenance. Technical experts of OJSC “PTS” perform continuous improvement of breathing apparatus with a view to their compliance with the modern requirements of customers and applicable safety standards, which is confirmed by the certificates obtained.
Recent developments in this area – is a breathing apparatus PTS “Profi” -MT, equipped with a system designed for the use with “Mayak spasatelya” complex, providing the search and discovery of the personnel of the fire and rescue units, got in difficult circumstances, lost the opportunity of further independent movement. As well as a full face mask PTS “Browse” -M with the case of elastic rubber that provides a comfortable fit and secure seal over any contour of the face and head shape.
The new direction of JSC “PTS” in the field of personal respiratory protection and human vision – is a breathing apparatus with the compressed oxygen BACA with the closed cycle of breath, providing the protection for at least 4 hours. Using domestic experience and advanced developments of its own design database, JSC “PTS” prepared for serial production the isolating breathing apparatus with compressed oxygen and excessive gas mixture pressure in the respiratory system of PTS “OXY-Ogneborets” - for firemen and PTS “OXY-gornospas” - for work in the underground conditions.

For maintenance of breathing apparatus and their facial parts OJSC “PTS” makes testing equipment:
- System “SKAD” with inflatable head form and a set of adapters allows you to inspect all types of breathing apparatus with compressed air and facial parts, both domestic and foreign production;
- System “Expert-7000” is intended for long-term tests of RPE with compressed air with the registration of stationary and dynamic parameters in a graphical and protocol form;
- PTS system “OXY-test” – for the control of parameters of the breathing apparatus with compressed oxygen with breathing closed-loop.
For the filling of cylinders with compressed air JSC “PTS” produces a series of modern high-pressure compressors PTS “Vector”, with capacity from 90 to 700 l/min for the operating pressure of 30,0MPa both figuratively and fixed version.

For the hydraulic test of steel and metal-composite cylinders JSC “PTS” designed the test unit PTS “Cyclone” -450, allowing the simultaneous testing of 2 to 4 cylinders with a capacity from 2 to 12 liters.
One of the main conditions of the combat capability of fire departments and emergency services in firefighting, rescue and elimination of consequences of natural and man-made disasters - is the ensure of reliable personal protection of personnel from exposure of harmful environmental factors such as elevated temperatures and heat fluxes of greater intensity, flame emissions, chemical and radiological contamination.
JSC “PTS” – is the only producer in Russia, which since 2000 develops and manufactures a wide range of standard combat and special protective clothing for firefighters and rescuers. All items of protective clothing – are modern personal protective equipment, developed in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements, certified in the prescribed manner and made of modern materials and components. At the moment JSC “PTS” successfully solves the problem of complex personal protection of firefighters and rescuers, improving its own design-unified line of protective clothing.
The most structurally complex serial products of the manufactured clothing: heat set “TK-800-40-T”, thermal aggressive resistant suits “TASK”, “TASK-V”, “TASK-T”, “TASK-M”, “TASK-MT” and radiation-protective clothing sets “RZK”, “RZK-T”, “RZK-M”, “RZK-MT”.
Modern emergencies require firefighters and rescue workers not only to be equipped with a special protective and appropriate equipment, as well as to be specially trained. This can only be achieved through continuous training process, specified by the training program for the personnel of the State Fire Service of Emergency Situations of Russia. Taking into account the above, JSC “PTS” developed and commercially produces a number of training facilities and landfills, in mobile and stationary versions.
According to “Concept of improvement of gas and smoke proof service in the State Fire Service of Emergency Situations of Russia”, approved by order of the Minister of the Russian Emergency Situations of Russia №624 dated December 31, 2002, of JSC “PTS” together with the Department of PSiGP of Academy of SFS of MES of Russia developed and made commercially available since 2003 the mobile training complex – Heat and smoke camera PTS “GROT”, designed for practical training to prepare firefighters and rescue workers to work in unbreathable environment.
During the years of operation Heat and smoke camera PTS “GROT” received numerous positive responses of specialists and has been awarded for the best technical solution. In the design of the complex there were used several innovative ideas that were not previously been used in other manufacturers of these systems. This particularly applies to the management and control system, which is patented in Russia. Based on the development of mobile complex PTS “GROT” there was designed and implemented a variety of stationary training complexes on specific needs and requirements of customers.
Since 2006, JSC “PTS” offers fire training ranges of PTS “LAVA” which still have no analogues in Russia and are as good as the technical equipment of foreign developments. Fire range PTS “LAVA” allows firefighters and rescuers in full to feel real fire conditions, work out methods and various ways of its extinguishing, to form a psychological readiness to act in a variety of emergency situations.
In 2010, under the order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, JSC “PTS” designed and built the first Russian automated training fire complex “Firing House” (“Ognevoy Dom”). This complex is built on the basis of 20-foot containers, equipped with modern training modules (simulators) and the latest intelligent systems of management and security, and allows the multiple practical training of personnel, simulating various emergency situations close to real conditions.
Since 2011, JSC “PTS” has started the production and release of a stationary Fire training complex PTS “UGOLYEK” based on a 20-foot container, designed to conduct training of firefighters and rescuers under the impact of fire hazards (smoke, high temperature, open flame, radiant heat) occurring during the combustion of the combustible load in the furnace as a solid fuel. Classes in fire training complex PTS “UGOLYEK” are the final phase of initial training and of gas and smoke rescuers conducted with gas and smoke rescuers trained in training complexes of PTS “GROT-K” and the PTS “LAVA”.
A new direction in the field of professional training of firefighters and rescuers – is a production of stationary training complexes of container type PTS “GROT-K” and PTS “LAVA-K”.
Level of training of JSC “PTS” specialists, its production and research base allow to perform new developments and make serial production of a wide range of products. All products are designed in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and are certified in the prescribed manner. The quality of manufactured products is confirmed by certificate of quality management ISO 9001:2011. For the development and commercial production of a number of products, including the emergency isolation suits for fire fighting and emergency response when the ionizing radiation and corrosive environment exposure, the experts of our company were awarded with the prize of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, and the products themselves are protected by patents, registered in the State Register of Utility Models of the Russian Federation.
To work on the creation of products "PTS" also involved Leading organizations specializing on the respective fields of science and technology, in particular, the FSI Fire Safety Research Institute MES of Russia, Institute of Nuclear Research, Research Institute of elastomeric materials and products, Military University of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense of Ministry of Defense of Russia and others.
- In our company, there is a specialized service center, allowing the test and repair of breathing apparatus and compressor equipment and perform all regulated test and repair works, efficiently and in a short time. All work is done by qualified personnel, which ensures the high quality of work and services.
Service Center of JSC “PTS” has the permission to carry out activities on technical examination of steel and metal-composite air cylinders with a capacity of 2 to 50 liters with a working pressure of 200 and 300 bar.
- Furthermore, JSC “PTS” company has its own Training Center which hosts training workshops on gas and smoke rescuers and GDZS masters training bases on the use and maintenance of breathing apparatus with compressed air and high pressure air compressors.
JSC “PTS” company provides a full range of works, metal processing:
- Laser cutting of metal
- Bending of metal and sheet steel
- Argon arc welding
- Machining
- Powder coating
As well as laser cutting and engraving of any non-metallic materials (fabric, plastic, plexiglass, wood, plywood, cardboard, PET, polystyrene, leather, foam, acrylic thickness up to 15 mm.)
At the end of 2013 in Lagovskoe village of Podolsky Municipal District there was completed the construction of our new Factory of special fire-technical equipment. To date, the number of employees is about 300 employees and production-storage and office space is 16000 m2.

We hope that our products will be faithful and reliable assistants in your difficult but noble work!